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Tricks to Manage Money, Honey!!

Brilliant tricks to Manage Money, Honey!!

Managing finances is not everyone’s cup of tea! In most families only one or two people are into managing the finances, rest of them follow the guidelines or just blankly go with the flow. It’s nothing wrong to be like that, if you chose to. But, it will be much better if you choose the other way, taking part in the financial discussions and decisions. Because, finances never end until we exist and becoming independent on the important part of lives will give you more confidence in leading a better life.

Learning the way of managing finances in an early age will give you an edge over others and will help you succeed in life much earlier. Since you know what it takes to earn those dollars, you know how much hardship is required and wouldn’t waste age and time in just spending. But getting to that stage isn’t really easy! In fact I have learned it the hard way, though finances were a part of our regular discussions. So, we give you few tips and rules to keep in mind, to manage your finances better and become a leader, a pilot of your life.


As Warren Buffet said, “Do not save what is left, but spend what is left after saving” truly applies to each of us. Few might think the craziest thing to do, but believe us; you will surely thank yourselves after few years, that this decision was the best of your life.

We have followed this principle, and have also seen and heard many people following this principle and emerging successful and safe in life. When you first save, you cut down on ‘unnecessary’ expenses which really never come in huge bits, but those small expenses which can really be avoided or postponed.

Example: when you have 100$ with you, after analysing your monthly unavoidable commitments like rent, bills(water, electric and food and few Misc.) say some 60$, first save that 40$ in bank as FD or even transfer into another saving account. Then spend with that 60, see how better your life will transform in over the years. It’s surely not easy, you might feel very irritated for not having to buy some very important stuff that your heart desires, but believe us it’s going to help you fetch that long dream vacation of yours which you wouldn’t otherwise can!

Future plans:

Have some future plans in mind and save money for them. Future plans don’t mean children education or their life only, it means your retirement age, health issues and other miscellaneous things which might occur in the long run. We never know when our body throws a new tantrum in the form of a condition and how much will it take for it to get back to normal. We can never assure that the car we use today will never ever break down in huge terms, so saving for such rainy days right from young age will help you cope up with your regular commitments without giving you that extra stress.


Definitely no one is a saint or can be one in this world! Without which life seems dull! So let’s not miss the enjoyment before we retire, loosen your belts and throw those shoes for some merry, may be once in a month or how better you can afford. This helps you relax and unwind and feel satisfied about your earning status. But, only one point to be considered here- never cross the spending part above 30% of your monthly income. If you follow this very religiously, then you become the captain of your happy life, else you will be become one of a sinking ship!

Key points:

  • Spend less than you earn
  • Train your brain to make your money to make money
  • Never be over confident, always seek advice or help from known guys.
  • Earning at a young age will help you master the art of earning and let you know the tricks and strengths you need in order to survive in a competitive world.
  • Create an account after much research. This will be your companion the rest of your life. So make wise choices.

Hope this helps you to be independent of your financial burdens or luxuries! For more tips on getting financial backup for your business, consider